Articles and Brochures

How Green is your school?
Is everybody helping to reduce greenhouse gasses? Printable PDF Document.

Print Charger Brochure
Includes Copy Charger, Net Charger & Print Release. Printable PDF Document.

How to Introduce Print Charger to your school or business
Do we monitor only and try changing the way people operate when their usage is excessive compared to other users or should we give users an allocation and they have to pay once it is used up?

Education Today's article on Gaia Print Charger
Schools, colleges and universities across Australia and internationally are using a range of software products developed by Gaia Computing (Bendigo, Victoria) to control the use of their printer, copier and internet resources. These programs monitor and charge for printing and Internet usage down to the individual user level. They throw the responsibility onto the user by charging them for each page printed and each Mb downloaded.

Reduce your carbon footprint with Gaia Print Charger
How to reduce harmful carbon emissions and green-house gasses with Gaia Print Charger.