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Welcome to Gaia Computing, the home of Gaia Print Charger, the original print, net and copy charging and tracking product for schools, universities and businesses.

Future Status of support for Print Charger and Net Charger

After nearly 20 years these products will be retired and no further development will be undertaken. We have not renewed support agreements but will continue email support until early next year. Gaia Computing and associated companies have ceased trading.

All existing licences may continue to be used but support will end early in 2016.

However, an enhanced version of a product used for print monitoring and based on the same technology as Print Charger is available from Ricoh as EZ Charger and it supports the following additional features.
  • Print release from Ricoh MFDs supporting user swipe cards (Magnetic, Barcode, Proximity, MiFare, etc.) with up to 20 alpha-numeric characters
  • Supports Copy Charging on Ricoh MFDs
  • Supports Scan and Fax charging on Ricoh MFDs
  • Allows charging after the MFD reports the actual pages printed

EZ Charger does not support Net Charger.

EZ Charger is licensed and supported by Ricoh currently in the Asia Pacific and China. For more information please contact a Ricoh local representative.

In Australia contact http://www.ricoh.com.au

In Asia Pacific contact http://www.ricoh-ap.com

Future Status
Gaia products to be retired after 20 years.