Gaia Print Charger


Print Charging Features:

  • PCL5, PCL6, Postscript and ESC/P2 (Epson) and most GDI printers.
  • Any printer whose driver uses Windows EMF spool format.
  • Set page costs per paper size per printer.
  • Charge different rates for single/double sided printing or black/colour printing. (Colour detection not currently supported for Postscript printers)
  • Allows staff to charge to their personal account or to a cost centre.
  • Set upper limits on the total number of pages allowed to be printed for a cost centre, individual user or printer per job.
  • Set an overdraft amount to allow users to complete one last job.
  • A record of the total number of jobs and pages printed for cost centres, users and printers.
  • Details on when and where the last job was printed for each user.
  • Notification of failed jobs via a client application, windows messaging or the printer.
  • Summary and detailed logging of all print jobs.
  • Supports virtually unlimited printers per server.
  • Licensed for unlimited servers per domain.

Net Charger Features:

  • Simultaneously monitor Microsoft Proxy Server 2, Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000/2004/2006 and Squid on Linux.
  • Optionally deny access to the proxy server when a user runs out of credit.
  • Automatically allow access again when their balance is positive.
  • Date and time of last access for users and cost centres.
  • Flexible charging rates based on destination.
  • Charging rate modifiers based on client address.
  • Full charging history for all users and the server.
  • Extensive logging.

Optional Print Charging Module: Copy Charging

Support for walk up copy charging is provided by the Gaia Copy Charger module as an optional extension to print charging. Two 3rd party devices are supported to control each monitored copier and connect it to the network.

Copi Code Ip DeviceThey are: Copicode IP. This device separately counts B/W and Color pages for 2 different paper sizes (usually A4 and A3) and can connect to most makes and models of multi function devices. The Copicode IP devices provide an alphanumeric key pad and includes support for an optional swipe card, smart card or proximity reader. It also includes a mini switch so that you can connect both the Copicode and the printer to the same network port. For more information or a quote contact us, the supplier or your copier reseller.

Cg1000 DeviceCopyguard CG1000-TCP/IP terminal for B/W copiers or where you are not interested in differentiating between B/W and colour or paper size. The Copyguard device provides a numeric key pad and includes support for an optional swipe card reader. Requires a network port separate to the printer. For information or a quote, contact Copyguard Australia (Ph. +61 3 9815 1200, Fax +61 3 9815 1177, Email info@copyguard.com.au) or your copier reseller.

Additional features:

  • Set page cost per copier. (The Copicode allows prices per paper size and Colour/B&W)
Charge to user or cost centre accounts. Optional user and cost centre PINs for security. Supports Copyguard copier controller with optional swipe cards.

Optional Print Charging Module: Print Release Station

The Print Release Station is an optional print charging module to hold jobs in the printer queue until they are released or cancelled by the user at the printer. This can be used for printing of jobs such as:
1. Student assignments

2. Confidential documents
3. Staff reports

Reduced printing volume because users can:

  1. Select only those jobs they really want to print
  2. Select the latest version of a document they have printed multiple times
  3. See the cost of their job before it prints
  4. There is no limit to the number of printers that can be controlled by a single release station
  5. high volume printers can be controlled by multiple release stations to avoid bottlenecks.