Gaia Liposeek

Gaia LipoSeek allows you to quickly and easily locate folders and files on any local disks or network shares that are consuming large amounts of disk space. This can be handy when:

  • You wish to find which users home directories are consuming alarming amounts of server space
  • Why is your backup is now running over multiple tapes?!

Additionally you can track and graph changes in folder sizes over time allowing you to better predict your future disk space requirements and determine which folders are growing the quickest.

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Gaia Liposeek

Above: Folder Tree on the left controls saving of search results into user definable "Banks", in this case "Users", "Shares", "Disks" and "Profiles". The primary folder view on the right shows full search results in this case sorted by size. The units of measure can be quickly toggled between Bytes, KB, MB and GB and complex queries can be executed to filter the list. Windows Explorer is but a double click away to view files within any folder. A report of the search results can be printed.

Above: Gains in folder size over time can be tracked and graphed.

Above: Gaia LipoSeek searches the root folders that you specify to obtain complete directory structure and folder size information, whichis optionally stored in a database for later review. LipoSeek offers to schedule searches to run at a time of your choosing. You can set up recurring searches to run every few days, late at night for example.

Above: Quickly resort columns. For example, in order to find folders with the biggest gains over time. Gains can be expressed in size or as percentages.