Gaia Print Charger Product Tour

There's a lot more to Gaia Print, Copy and Net Charger than we can show you on-line and new features are continually being developed so we recommend you download a free demo of the product. However, the following tour should give you a brief overview:

User Maintenence
See some of the userful features User Maintenence can give you.

Printer Maintenence
See how Print Charger adds new printers and the charging options you can implement.

Groups and Maintenence
User Groups are a method of grouping similar users together, so that default settings may be established for these users.

Popup Client
Investigate the handy features of the Popup Client, which sits in your taskbar.

Scheduled Balance Adjustments
Scheduled adjustments allow you to schedule automatic adjustments to user or department balances on a periodic basis. You can use this feature to distribute an allowance to users over a time period rather than initially allocating them the whole amount.

Reciepts and Recharge Vouchers
Receipt entry is used to account for money obtained from users to increase their print, copy or internet balance. Recharge Vouchers allow users to “recharge” their print/copy or internet balance in the same way as a conventional cash receipt but without the need for staff to enter a receipt transaction. Each voucher has a unique activation code. The user can enter this code either via the pop-up client or web interface. Once the code is entered, the voucher will be “allocated” and the user’s balance will be increased appropriately.

See the wealth of reportsthat are provided for administrative and financial control and tracking of all aspects of the system.

Web Interface
Investigate some of the features available via the web interface, acessable at any computer with an internet connection and browser.