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Gaia Print Charger

Gaia Print Charger is the original charging and monitoring product for Windows networks. Others have copied it but it is still the premier charging and tracking product for schools, universities and businesses.

Support for walk up copy charging is included through the Gaia Copy Charger module as an optional extension to print charging, while the Gaia Print Release module adds job security where workstations are remote from the printer and also reduces multiple copies by impatient users.

Net Charging

Recover your Internet costs by charging your users for their internet usage, optionally denying them access when their credit limit is exceeded. Schools can charge students once they exceed their initial allocation. Staff can be charged individually or the cost can be charged against their department budget.Business can track who uses the most internet resources.Charge different rates for different sites or create lists of sites to be always allowed or always denied.

Copy Charging

Expands Print Charging to provide charging for walk up photocopying. Copies are counted and charged to the user’s print account or to a department exactly the same as for print jobs.In a school, charge students or staff, or in a business allocate the cost to a department representing a cost centre, matter or job number.

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Gaia Liposeek

Gaia LipoSeek allows you to quickly and easily locate folders and files on any local disks or network shares that are consuming large amounts of disk space. This can be handy when, for example, you wish to find which users home directories are consuming alarming amounts of server space, or why your backup is now running over multiple tapes. Additionally you can track and graph changes in folder sizes over time allowing you to better predict your future disk space requirements and determine which folders are growing the quickest.

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Gaia Web Hits

Gaia Web Hits will analyse your Microsoft Internet Information Services web site log files to determine such things as the number and trend over time of both distinct visitors and "hits" to your web sites, who the biggest users are, the average hits per user, and so on. An easy to use wizard runs through a few simple steps and a comprehensive report, complete with graphs is produced. It will also perform DNS look-ups to obtain visitor domain names and generate CSV files for importing data into programs such as Excel for further analysis and graphing.

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Gaia TidyMail

Remove messy ">" characters from your email messages. Platform: Windows: All Versions. Completely free application.

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