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Group Maintenence

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About User Groups     

User Groups are a method of grouping similar users together, so that default settings may be established for these users. For the Gaia services to automatically add users to the database, User Groups should match Windows NT/2000/2003 global groups. Then the Gaia service is able to query the domain user database to find the correct group.

  The Groups and Users Window   

All the print, copy and internet charging settings available at the user level are also available at a group level, as well as function such as balance adjustments.  


    Managing Departments

    Using Departments allows a user to charge their printing to the department (Billing Entity) instead of debiting the user’s balance. Departments are completely optional, so that if you want to charge all users individually, you do not need to define any departments. There is no limit to the number of users who may be defined to charge their printing to a department. Departments are essentially treated as printing users so that when printing occurs, the department’s balance is debited and its statistics updated the same as for a user.

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