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Popup Client

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About the Popup Client

Gaia Print Client normally sits idle in your system tray. Right clicking on the icon will display a simple menu while double clicking the icon will open the inquiry window to display the details of your account. The client may also be automatically activated by the server when:

  • You are required to confirm a print job before it prints.
  • You are required to supply charging information for a print job.
  • You receive a message to you to notify you of an event like a failed print job or a low balance.

   The Administration Program 

All of which is configurable from the Administration program. From within the client window the user (student) can view their account balance, check their print, copying or internet settings and transactions, as well as perform a variety of tasks such as transferring money from print to internet balance, allocating a recharge voucher, printing a statement, changing their copier PIN, etc. Again, all these functions can be enabled or disabled via the Administration program.

    Example client window showing printing tab

    Printign Statements

The user may also print a statement of their print, net and copy transactions within user defined date range.

    About Recharge Vouchers

Recharge Vouchers allow users to “recharge” their print/copy or internet balance in the same way as a conventional cash receipt but without the need for staff to enter a receipt transaction.

Transferring Funds   

Transfer funds option allows you to transfer an amount from your print or net receipt balance to the other balance.

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