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Printer Maintenence

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    Changing a Printing Record

Quickly add new printers to the database with the click of a button, and control their details such as whether they will be monitored.

   Setting up charging 

Printer charging can be set up very simply with a single default rate, or for finer control, with varying rates for paper size, colour / black & white, and duplex double sided printing. Print jobs can be allowed to print or rejected based on paper size. One reason you might want to reject jobs based on paper size is when you do not want a certain size to be used even though the printer supports it. Another reason is when the size would cause the printer to pause until the selected paper size is inserted. For example, many A4 printers pause when a job specifies Letter and require manual intervention. This option allows the monitor to automatically filter those jobs that would cause the printer to stall.

    Print or reject text jobs, view at a glance the printer statistics.

    Optionally log the printers daily usage.

    View details of print jobs

View the details of jobs printed on this printer, include date and time, user, pages, file size, charge amount, paper size and attributes, document name, etc. The same details can be view for jobs for this printer relating to a department (Billing Entity).

 Printer Usage Graph  

At the press of a button, graph such things are pages or jobs printed over a date range for all printers or a specific printer.

    Calculate Printer Cost

Calculate the real cost of your printers, factoring in consumables such as toner, ink cartridges, maintenance, wear and tear, etc.

  The Release Station Screen 

The Release Station screen provides control over whether jobs sent to the printer should be held at a Release Station. Jobs held by a Release Station will not print until they are released by an appropriately authenticated user physically present at the Release Station.

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