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User Maintenence

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    About User Maintenence

Users may be entered manually using the User Maintenance screen (see below), automatically when they print, copy or access the internet, or by using the import options allowing users to be imported directly from the Windows domain or a text file. Optionally, users can be prevented from printing, copying or internet activity when their credit runs out.

Controlling And Monitoring   

For each user details such as their printing, copying and internet activity can be controlled and monitored.

Changing Privileges   

Set whether the user can print, and if so how they will be charged. This feature can interact with the Popup Client to allow charging to departments (Billing Entities) or the user themselves. Various settings control such things as page limits, overdraft limits, and notifications.

    At a glace statistics show totals and last print job details.

User Maintenece with Gaia Copy Charger   

In a similar fashion, walk-up photocopy charging can be controlled on a user basis. Support for walk up copy charging has been included by adding a new GAIA Copy Charger module as an optional extension to print charging. A Copyguard CG1000-TCP/IP hardware device is required to control each monitored copier and connect it to the network.

    Simultaneously monitor Microsoft Proxy Server 2, Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 and Squid on Linux.

Charge internet access to the user or department, set overdraft limit and notification details. Specify a windows group to add or remove the user from when denying them internet access.

  Viewing Internet Transactions 

View full history of internet transactions, including attributes such as the number of bytes downloaded, charge and receipt amounts, session times, etc.

 Viewing Print Transaction History  

View full history of print transactions, including attributes such as the number of pages, charge amount, paper size, colour, document and printer name.

    Graphical Outputs

Also access other user related functions for the selected user such as graphs, adjustments, receipts, transfers, statements, etc.

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