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Reciepts and Recharge Vouchers

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About Reciepts and Recharge Vouchers   

Receipt entry is used to account for money obtained from users to increase their print, copy or internet balance. It's worth mentioning that the security with the product can be used to restrict access against users or groups for viewing, printing or inserting receipts. Receipts do not have to be entered directly by staff, but can be in the form of Recharge Vouchers.

    An overview

Recharge Vouchers allow users to “recharge” their print/copy or internet balance in the same way as a conventional cash receipt but without the need for staff to enter a receipt transaction. Each voucher has a unique activation code. The user can enter this code either via the pop-up client or web interface. Once the code is entered, the voucher will be “allocated” and the user’s balance will be increased appropriately. Each voucher is unique and can only be allocated once.

When printed, Recharge Vouchers are a small paper token (see below) with a set value. The printed vouchers can be, for example, sold to students by the canteen staff, thus avoiding the overhead of manual receipting by administration staff. It also allows the user (student) to carry spare credit should the need arise during after hours printing or internet use when it might have otherwise been impossible to have their balance increased.

    Creating a batch of Recharge Vouchers.

    Example printed Recharge Voucher.

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