Gaia Web Hits

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Gaia Web Hits will analyse your Microsoft Internet Information Services web site log files to determine such things as:
  • The number and trend over time of both distinct visitors and "hits" to your web sites
  • Who the biggest users are,
  • The average hits per user, and so on.

An easy to use wizard runs through a few simple steps and a comprehensive report, complete with graphs is produced. It will also perform DNS look-ups to obtain visitor domain names and generate CSV files for importing data into programs such as Excel for further analysis and graphing.


above: an example of a generated graph from WebHits

above: Some of Web Hits' optional criteria are shown in the screen shots above. You can store a list of log file paths making it easy to re-run reports at a later stage. Processing can be limited by date range, file type, and excluding or limited to IP addresses, pages, folders or strings.